Hi, I'm Jen! As a photographer of events in Napa & Sonoma for over 15 years, I've developed an eye for capturing the energy and emotion of gatherings. When people come together,  whether to work or play, magic happens. My speciality and passion is to create beautiful images of it all.

Gather. Meet. Mingle.


From daytime to night, faces to details, and scenery to food and wine, the images you can expect when I photograph your event will look a lot like this - the look, feel and energy of the day captured in full color (or black & white if you like!)

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When people gather, meet and mingle, event photography is all about capturing that perfect variety of each moment to tell the story of the day.


You chose a gorgeous setting, and your event photos should capture that. From wide location panoramas to details of the property's gorgeousness, the images of your event absolutely have to include these scene-setting shots. 

Locations & Settings

Event planning is all about the details, and the many, many decisions made for everything from menu to fork style. The details of your event cannot be overlooked in your photography, and I make sure to creatively capture them for you.


We all know that when people gather, food and wine (plus+) are always involved. Your event photography will feature the chef-created dishes and award-winning wines (plus+) that were so important to the day. Of course!

Food & Wine

Wine country events often transition from outdoor settings with natural lighting to indoor, darker settings with artificial lighting (aka Just a little more Technical). Your event photography will look natural in both spaces, allowing the ambient light in even darker settings to shine through. 

Evening & Indoor



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